Transfer Hosting - Domain Form

    By completing and signing this form, you are transferring one or more services from the
    current provider to Wee Mile. Once the domain is transferred it will be fully hosted with Wee Mile.





    For transferring some top-level domains, an authorisation code is required. Without a valid
    authorisation code your domain cannot be transferred. The authorisation code is provided by your
    current provider.
    The authorisation code is a security code needed for some top-level domains. It verifies that you
    are the domain owner or administrative contact, and ensures that a change of provider can only
    be performed by an authorised person.

    Time transfer Domain to a new provider

    A domain transfer may take up to 14 days to be completed. It is difficult to provide an exact
    timeframe because the procedure depends on the time it takes the owner/current provider to
    confirm the transfer and the time your current registrar takes to accept or reject the transfer.

    Transfer domain to Wee Mile.


    Declaration for current account holder

    I, the above name, declare that:

  • * I am authorised to transfer the domain name

  • * I want to transfer the selected domain from my current provider to Wee Mile, once the
    domain is transferred it will be fully hosted with Wee Mile.

  • * I agree to pay any charges relating to the services Wee Mile provide.

  • [signature signature-253]

    How long does it take to develop the website?

    Once we have been able to register the domain with our company, there will be a 15-day period
    dedicated to the development of the website. Your new website will be active 30 days, in total, from
    the moment we receive your completed transfer form.

    Please note, if the current provider of the domain in the transfer process has not provided the
    necessary information or accepted our pass request this 30-day guarantee does not uphold.

    What happens to corporate emails?

    We mainly recommend that you, like all those who have corporate emails in the company, make a
    backup of important emails. This is done by forwarding them to a personal email account.

    Do you pay for a premium email service in Gmail or outlook?



    Please check with your premium account provider and request the DNS data that we should

    Provider Email Contact Information

    DNS Information

    Below we provide the support contact with which you will continue to maintain contact for everything related to the process of developing your site and for technical queries:    Write Us

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